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All About Chihuahua

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     The Chihuahua is a small, sweet-looking breed of dog that has been named after the American state where it was first found in 1850. The history of the development of this breed is quite difficult to trace back. It is mostly established on speculation, but there is enough evidence in the form of folklore and legend to prove that it is, doubtlessly, quite an ancient breed, originating from Pre-Columbian Mexico, and outdates any other breed in the Americas. It is said that Chihuahuas descend from Techichis, which used to be companion dogs favored by the Toltecs, and developed through breeding with tiny Chinese dogs brought to the American continents by the Spaniards. Chihuahua being cute is also a catching trend in countries in Asia like India , being displayed in many internet portals in categories of pet classifieds in india.

     Chihuahuas are, at the very least, positively cute in their appearance. They are puny creatures, around six to nine inches tall, and weighing somewhere between one to six kilograms. They could be short-haired or long-haired. They have apple-shaped heads, with short, pointed muzzles and level or scissor-like teeth. Their eyes are large, dark, and round, and they have peculiarly large and erect ears. They possess straight, symmetrical limbs, with small, dainty feet and a sickle-shaped tail that curls over the back or to the side.

     Chihuahuas have a very confusing quality when it comes to their color. Categorizing them according to their color is quite a complicated process, purely because of the wide range of potential possibilities. They could have single, solid hues, ranging from red, cream, chocolate, blue and black. However, fawn is considered to be the classic color for a Chihuahua. They could even be patterned in various ways, from Irish, Piebald and white spotting to brindle, masks and merle, or even various tan points. While no hue or pattern is considered above the others, some are relatively rarer than the others. The blue colored Chihuahua is a model example of this.

     Chihuahuas are a breed of dog that requires special, proficient veterinary expertise. This is required mainly in the areas of birthing and dental care. However, they are quite prone to some genetic and usually neurological anomalies like seizure disorders and epilepsy. Chihuahuas are the only breed of dog that is born with incomplete skulls, with soft spots called moleras. These moleras fill with age, but the dog needs to be taken care of during the process of complete skull formation, that is, during the first six months. Chihuahuas are prone to hypoglycemia, that is, low blood sugar, eye infections and hydrocephaly, and need to be attended to with great care and consideration. Proper and regular dog grooming visits as well as adequate nutrition is vital for this delicate breed. However, while they are selective eaters, they should not be unnecessarily overfed out of affection, for in that case their health will be affected adversely, and they will be prone to chronic bronchitis, tracheal collapse, joint injuries and shortened life span.

     Whatever said and done, though, Chihuahuas are totally adorable creatures, and yet, are valued for their fierceness and amazing individuality. They are curious little creatures, and this makes them quite adaptable to any kind of environment, whether it is the countryside or an apartment in the busiest area of the city. However, it is advisable not to add a Chihuahua to your family if your child is below school age, for the reason that they have a recurrent tendency to bite when frightened. Chihuahuas have a discriminating nature when it comes to being with other breeds, and prefer the companionship of their own kind over others.

     These creatures are highly devoted to their owners, and tend to show overly jealous behavior when they see the latter’s human relationships. This, however, can be toned down through socialization.




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